Terms of Service


  1. Price quotes assume windows & screens are in good working order and functioning as designed (e.g., windows can be opened and both sashes moved up & down freely to accommodate cleaning; windows & screens are not fastened or screwed shut). Additional charges may apply to clean windows & screens not in working order.
  2. Price quotes include wiping dirt & debris from lower horizontal window sill surfaces & tracks. Price quotes do not include deep cleaning of dirt & residue from cracks, crevices, and corners of these surfaces. Deep cleaning of window sill surfaces & tracks can be provided for an additional charge.
  3. Price quotes include removal of minimal amounts of paint, paint splatter, paint overspray, silicone, or other debris from glass surfaces. Price quotes do not include substantive reconditioning of glass where removal of atypical amounts of paint, paint splatter, paint overspray, silicone, or other debris is required to prepare windows for cleaning. Additional charges apply to clean glass with atypical amounts of paint, paint splatter, paint overspray, silicone, or other debris.
  4. Price quotes assume removable interior muntins/grilles are not glued or otherwise fastened in place and can be removed. Additional charges may apply if muntins/grilles cannot be removed.
  5. Storm window glass & frames become increasingly brittle & structurally fragile over time. As such, Brightview will exercise care when handling and cleaning these items. However, acceptance of services from Brightview provides customer agreement that Brightview will not be held responsible for breakage or damage to storm window glass or frames.
  6. Unless noted otherwise, price quotes assume interior windows to be cleaned are accessible with reasonable effort. Windows obstructed by items requiring significant time/effort to access will not be cleaned (e.g., loaded bookcases, large headboards, multiple boxes).
  7. Price quotes do not include removal of hard water spots, mineral deposits, or other conditions where residue deposits have adhered to glass.
  8. If it is raining on the day of service but precipitation is light Brightview can proceed as scheduled since rain does not affect the ability to effectively clean glass. Glass free of dirt & debris will remain clean and spot-free. If you experience any issues with spotting or streaking call within seven (7) days from the date of service and we will address any issues.


  1. There is a $150.00 minimum to provide pressure washing services.
  2. Customer is responsible for ensuring all windows, doors, and other water entry points are completely closed, secured, or otherwise sealed. Brightview is not responsible for identifying faulty seals, improperly installed flashing, gaps in exterior wood/siding trim, or other conditions that could result in water penetration resulting in damage to fixtures and/or property.
  3. Brightview’s standard housewash service includes cleaning of mold, mildew, dirt, and other debris from facades, siding and gutter faces. Pressure washing will not, however, remove conditions where paint, siding, and other surfaces have been stained by airborne pollutants and/or other contaminants that have adhered to these surfaces. Pressure washing may not remove all staining from gutter faces and fascia such as “tiger stripe” where composition shingle dust, airborne pollutants, or other contaminants have adhered to and formed a bond to gutter faces and fascia.
  4. Brightview’s standard house wash service does not include removal of foundation stains (e.g., red clay), rust stains, or pollen buildup on metal roofing. These services can be provided at an additional charge.
  5. House wash service can lighten stained surfaces, particularly where such surfaces are unprotected, unsealed, or sealed/varnished areas are breaking down and/or exposed.
  6. Extended exposure of vinyl, aluminum, and painted siding to sun can result in oxidation. Oxidation often appears as a chalky substance on the surface of these products and can result in the appearance of splotchy, uneven patches on siding following a housewash. When providing housewash services Brightview will use industry-standard, low-pressure procedures that safely remove mold, mildew, algae, dirt, and other organic substances from the surfaces to be cleaned without damage to siding. Brightview is not responsible for patchiness or uneven patterns that may occur following a housewash as a result of the presence of oxidation or any other pre-existing condition. Treatments to remove oxidation from siding can be provided by Brightview at an additional cost.
  7. Brightview does not use high pressure when providing housewash services since these techniques can cause damage to paint, siding, trim, brick, and other building components. As such, housewash services may not remove all cobwebs, wasp & flying insect nests, residue from dirt dauber nests, or other similar conditions.
  8. Brightview will connect to customer’s on-site water source to provide pressure washing services. A minimum $50.00 fee will be charged if customer will not allow Brightview to use on-site water sources.


  1. Gutter cleaning price quoted includes removal of leaves, pine straw, twigs, and other debris from inside gutters or on top of gutter guards.
  2. Price quotes do not include cleaning under gutter guards, if any.
  3. Brightview provides gutter cleaning service up to 30′ above grade (approximately three (3) stories for residential homes).
  4. Gutter cleaning price quoted includes ensuring downspouts are clear and in working order.
  5. Gutter cleaning price quoted includes cleanout of downspout flex hose up to 16” from opening where installation allows flex hose to be easily disconnected, cleaned, and re-attached. Obstructions beyond 16″ from flex hose opening constitute drainage issues and are beyond the scope and quoted price of Brightview’s gutter cleaning service.
  6. Gutter cleaning service includes removal of minimal to moderate amounts of leaves, pine straw, and debris from roof valleys, provided they can be accessed and removed safely. Additional charges apply to clean valleys or roofs with significant amounts of leaves, pine straw, and debris.